Watch vendor relationships materialize. The VETTED® vendor portal has streamlined your vendor collection process and collected data essentials for analytical use. However, the vendor data is only one of the critical elements essential to the credentialing process. VETTED® integrates with internal systems, like Lawson ERP, to allow organizations to manage their vendors from registration through purchase order. In addition, data from Thomson Reuters and Dun and Bradstreet are processed at part of the overall vendor credentialing process.

The end result is a robust collection of vendor information maintained in an analysis database. The VETTED® solution utilizes IBM's iBase as its database application allowing tight integration with Analyst Notebook for pattern and connection identification. The solution also has the option to integrate with IBM Case Manager to offer a complete vendor risk and intelligence platform.

With a single click of a button, VETTED® will transform into an automated credentialing workhorse. The analytical engine behind VETTED® will process critical information from the iBase analysis database and through proprietary algorithms generate risk profiles. Risk scoring is built into the system, but can be easily adapted to accommodate your organizations risk tolerance level.